Know Your Place

My website was inspired by years of being told ‘woman… know your place’ & hearing other women & girls being metaphorically told the same at work, at home, in public, in the media, in religious places & at school.

Pretty much EVERYWHERE.

Women & girls place should be equal to men & boys.

Not above, not beneath.


There is a growing awareness of how patriarchal our society is.

Our place is not at a kitchen sink, it should be where we choose.

Choice is at the core. We must have equal opportunities & choices. Knowing our worth is part of that. Something I’ve not always managed myself.

This website has a menu in the top right corner. Here’s an introduction to the main sections.

Visible Women

This section is a series of interviews with real women of all ages about their careers, confidence & feelings of visibility as they have aged.

This gives insight into the collective experience of women & girls.

If you don’t relate to these women, then please contact me we need to hear & see you!

Invisible Women 

These are fictional stories written by me, about the impact of trauma & abuse on women throughout their lives, with a focus on women in mid & later life. The titles are familiar phrases, most of us have grown up with.

I’ve been cautious not describe graphic abuse, there  is a great deal untold, but they are stories which reflect the experiences of many women.

Each story can be read as a short story or be used as a learning tool for critical, feminist, trauma informed thinking.

I have asked questions for the reader to consider & reflect on the impact on the main female character.

Indomitable Women 

This is a weekly guest blog, Blue Van Woman is written by Marion, who at the age of 70 buys a camper van & begins a new adventure as part of her recovery from domestic abuse.