How do you feel your confidence has changed over the past 10 years?

Ten years ago my confidence took a real hit due to some circumstances beyond my control It has taken me till now to understand the issue was people getting comfortable in someone else’s shoes, when they aren’t there to defend themselves.

It took a long time for me to believe in myself and trust my intuition again after being gaslit.

It’s still a bit rocky now although I take solace in knowing those that know me the best and my true self, never let me forget I am who I am and they are glad of who I am

Why do you think that is?

I think women can move mountains when they want to and also can be very focussed on what they desire and will go for it at any cost.

You have to pick your friends, and as my mum used to say keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Do you feel invisible in some aspects of your life? How does that show up?

I do feel invisible at times and this shows up when networking outside the sector I work in (Domestic abuse).

When I describe the work I am involved in, most people don’t know how to answer and it usually falls either to uncomfortable silence or they will make a quip or joke that is then misplaced. I then have to explain I find it offensive that they minimise a subject that affects many people, and have no empathy which then generally makes them walk away. 

Tell me about a woman who is older than you, inspires you and why? Describe how she makes you feel.

My sister, she inspires me by always looking for the positive and even though she has had a tough year herself, she is always inspiring me and seeking new adventures.

She makes me feel alive and that I am worthy of all my hard work and what it has achieved for others.

She champions great causes and is able to talk to anyone about their life, she gets lots of information in a really gentle way.

People love speaking to her and she has a vast network of people from all walks of life and ages across many continents.

She really is a people person emanating true empathy.  

What worries you about ageing?

Not remembering things and not being useful to the community and being a burden to my family

What excites you about ageing?

Hoping to spend some time giving back to communities with time and energy, especially to things that matter, the small stuff family and friends 

What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

Trust your instinct and be true to yourself by not thinking about what many others think of you.

You are your own being.

Just be kind, spread kindness by rolling it forward 

Thank you Sally for answering my questions. Sally is an alias.