#13 Too good to be true

This phrase is often used to refer to a financial deal where something seems such a good deal the item you are purchasing must be faulty or flawed.

The same can be said when meeting new  people, who appear to be ‘perfect’ whatever that means

As you read Faye’s story consider these questions .

What are the risks where a partner has this level of power & control?

Why would Faye feel unable to tell anyone?

Imagine their relationship in 20, 30 or 40 years time? 

William, 47 & Faye, 43.

After several relationships that didn’t work out, Faye met William on a dating site. She was apprehensive when they first started talking, his profile photos showed him posing in front of a sports car, on exotic holidays & his clothes were all designer labels. Not Faye’s usual type & she wondered if he was abit flashy for her.

He’d been married before & he claimed his ex wife was ‘crazy’. They had been chatting for a few weeks, the more reluctant Faye was, the more interest William showed. He eventually persuaded her to meet & he booked a table in a fancy restaurant, overlooking the city. 

Over the coming weeks Faye was wined & dined, gifted jewellery & charmed beyond belief. She had always paid her way & felt uncomfortable with William saying he’d been raised to treat a woman like a princess & wouldn’t hear of her getting the bill.

For Faye it didn’t sit right.

Whilst Faye found this very old fashioned, she also enjoyed being spoiled, something she hadn’t experienced before. Their relationship was very passionate & intense. She felt dizzy with how intoxicating being around William was.

She thought he might be ‘the one’. 

She soon introduced him to her family & friends. Everyone adored him & repeatedly told Faye how lucky she was. Apart from her closest friend Carly. Faye could tell immediately she didn’t like William.

“He’s the type that will lock you in a cupboard” said Carly one drunken night out.

Faye was really upset with her & they ended the night with a huge row.

Why couldn’t Carly be happy for her?  

William noticed too & started to remark that he felt uncomfortable around Carly. He sowed a seed of doubt & Faye began to wonder if Carly was actually jealous & fancied William.

That would explain it.

William & Faye were married within a year, it was an extravagant & wonderful day. They’d decided as they were in their 40’s there was no need to hang off, they both knew want they wanted… each other.

Carly & Faye gradually drifted apart.

There were rumours about William’s fidelity. But as a successful & wealthy businessman, Faye suspected such gossip was to be expected, she trusted him implicitly.  

William did have some odd rituals though.

He would polish his shoes every time he left the house & every time he returned.

He would stir his tea clockwise & if he saw Faye make it differently he would refuse to drink it. 

He insisted every door in the house was always closed & if Faye crossed a threshold without closing the door she would have to leave the room, re-enter & close the door.

He had a high sex drive & his desires were often ‘unusual’. 

He chose all of Faye’s clothes, & laid them out each night with matching underwear, shoes, bag & coat.

He bought all her makeup & chose her hair style.

William also had cameras in every room in the house. Apart from the bathroom. If Faye needed privacy this was the only place in the house where she could go.

She didn’t tell a soul. She assumed that he possibly had ‘OCD’, she loved her ‘wonderful, generous & handsome husband’ so much she would protect him & keep his secret. She felt she understood his need to appear ‘perfect’ & that this demonstrated an air of vulnerability. 

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