10. Blue Van Woman

Hornsea campsite is wonderfully organized.

I got plenty of information in advance and picked up a welcome pack at the gate.  An older gentleman drove over in a sort of golf vehicle and guided me to my hard standing plot.  Hard standing is great as it minimizes the mud you bring into the van.  I reversed on again (he was very helpful) and set about sorting the van out.

Hook up went perfectly this time – I have a four socket extension lead and can plug in the cool box, the heater and the kettle.  I unfolded the bed and got out my new, warmer sleeping bag.  This time I had also brought an electric blanket.  Plugging it in would be the last resort, but it was a heavy fleecy warm wrap anyway.

I hung up the lights and got out my book.

The weather was glorious, one of those bright, sunny Spring days so I got the table and a chair out.

Now I really had arrived.

The pull of the sea was great and after tea and biscuits I was off.  It’s a short walk to the beach and I was amazed when I got down the cliffs.

I had had a mobile home on a site in Skipsea for years.  Skipsea is the next village along from Hornsea and there’s a large campsite with space for many homes and tents.  When I was there we had seen the coastline recede, watching the road to Hornsea fall into the sea but what I saw this time was astonishing.  I was last here about ten years ago when there had been large concrete sea defenses and a path to walk on.  Now there was nothing.  The cliff edges were all bare soil – the rocks all standing like washed up statues, in the sea.  The fish and chip shop, previously a walk from the (now non-existent) steps was on the cliff edge.  The look out post from the second world war gone.

There really is no holding back the might of the sea is there?

I cosied up in my van and read and slept.

More than one person has told me that I’m brave and I’ve thought a lot about that.

Am I brave?

They say ‘I wish I could do that’.

If I am brave it’s only because I chose not to let fear beat me.

And success breeds confidence.

I have a choice – I can sit at home alone and wish I could do something or I can get on and do it.

Written by Marion, hosted by Carrie 


I have chosen the latter.

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