7. Blue Van Woman

So I bought the extras; the electric kettle and the proper hook up lead and a bucket (just in case I ever feel the need to wash anything up).  Then I set to making a plan.  I knew, in the very vaguest of terms, where I wanted to go.  As I’ve said, my geography is poor (I get lost in hotels and can’t find my room) so I got a poster of the UK – a laminated one that I have stuck on my wall.  I can see it now, in front of me as I write.  I have little stickers; red marks where I’ve been, grey are the weekends planned and green is the grand tour.  Next stop Hornsea then a trip to the Yorkshire Dales – this will mark a real adventure as this is new territory for me.

The grand tour gets me to the north west point of Scotland – to Scourie.  I’ve planned this for the end of June/ beginning of July.  I am particularly proud of this achievement.  I researched the best sites and the manageable distance to travel each day.  Then I spent an afternoon booking the trip out and of course the trip back.

I’m proud because I did it on my own.

When I was married there is no way I would have sorted this out alone – needing to check it and make sure I had got it right.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

But first, Hornsea.  Another ‘close to home’ trip – a lovely small sea side town just over the bridge (the Humber Bridge – I live on the Southbank as the locals call it).  This weekend has been one of rain (again) and very high winds – I am so hoping that next weekend will be better.

I am gaining confidence with the everyday driving of the van – I went swimming this morning with a neighbour and it was great to have a van that went faster when I put my foot down!

Watching the sunrise over the sea accompanied by a murmuration of starlings was mesmerizing and helped us to forget how cold it was.

So this week is about getting packed and ready – out will come my folder and the lists can be ticked!

Written by Marion, hosted by Carrie 

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