Don’t feed the weeds

When we speak about male violence, abuse & grooming, there is a growing understanding that we need to shift the focus away from their ‘victims’ (I prefer to use the term targets) & their so called ‘vulnerabilities’ & to the predators instead.

We are learning (slowly) that there is no ‘typical’ target & we can all be at risk.

Despite systematic victim blaming & messaging our age, how we look, behave, where we go will not protect us. 

This can feel disempowering & very scary.

Predators don’t have a sign saying ‘I’m going to abuse & harm you’ so we don’t know who does or doesn’t pose a risk.

But what we do know is that predators have one thing they all have in common…


Their water, soil & sunlight are the systematic culture of victim blaming which are weaved into society, enabling the roots to grow strong & take control.

A single weed (predator) can cause catastrophic damage whilst they thrive through their careers, life-course & often in plain sight of media & the public, appearing to some to be a beautiful flower.

Some are obvious weeds, yet they still thrive, and the cheerleading they receive from the public gives them even more power.

Here a just a few examples I have taken from a very quick internet search.

Donald Trump age 76 Former American President, TV personality & businessman
Over 25 reports of sexual offenses including rape have been filed since 1970’s. Found liable in 2023 by a civil court jury of sexual abuse & defamation of 1 woman. He is appealing this conviction.

Bill Cosby age 89 American actor & comedian
60 women of different ages & ethnicities have filed reports accusing him of rape & sexual assaults. Cosby has been convicted for aggravated indescent assault, some convictions have been overturned following a recent appeal.

Stuart Hall now deceased age 84 when convicted, British TV presenter
Charged with 19 counts of rape & indecent assault but convicted of 1 indescent assault of a 13 year old girl, but cleared of all other charges.

Harvey Weinstein age 71 Hollywood film producer
More than 80 women have reported sexual offences. Currently convicted of 4 counts of rape & 1 count of sexual assault.

Jimmy Saville British TV personality who was knighted
Upon his death an inquiry revealed Saville as a prolific sexual offender, with an estimate of 500 victims children & women. He had no convictions.

David Carrick age 48 (at time of conviction) serving police officer
Pleaded guilty to over 80 charges, including 24 counts of rape, against 12 women. Reports of domestic abuse were made to his employer, he continued serving & his career progressed for 17 years until his conviction.

Rolf Harris age 83, well known television personality                 Convicted of sexual assault against 4 girls. 

These are just a very few of the high profile known predatory sex offenders & abusers.

How many more are out there THRIVING? 

We must stop feeding the weeds.

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